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What are the Tips to Lose Weight Gradually and Lastingly?

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We give you the keys to lose weight with simple and natural tips, so you can lose weight gradually and healthy and with lasting results. Miracle diets that promise to lose weight in a very short time usually have a rebound effect. That is to say that when pausing the diet, the original weight is recovered or even more. In addition, diets can harm health if they lack the essential nutrients. Also, if the diet does not indicate a specialized doctor may have substances that, in excess, can be harmful as amphetamines.  In this article we give you the keys to lose weight with simple and natural advice.  In addition, you will achieve healthy and lasting results.

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Tips to Lose Weight Gradually and Lastingly

1. Do not Fill Yourself Too Much

This advice that seems so obvious and simple is one of the main keys to achieving a balanced weight. Our body knows what it needs and when it is satisfied. Generally, we continue to eat because of gluttony, habit or anxiety when, in reality, we already feel satiated. We must stop eating at that time when we could still eat more, but we already feel good. If we wait a few minutes or have a coffee or an infusion, that “false hunger” disappears and we feel satisfied and energetic.

2. Chew a Lot

Chewing more and better food thins. So clear.

“Not only facilitates digestion and improves the assimilation of nutrients, but it is the most satisfying natural remedy we have”.

Chewing helps we eat less, since hunger disappears after 15 or 20 minutes of having started eating. Try it and you will notice the difference!

3. Get used to the Cayenne

The Cayenne is a medicinal spice that, among other properties, helps to increase metabolism and lose weight effortlessly. You can start incorporating it in small quantities to any dish. Then, you can increase the amount progressively. In this way, you will enhance the flavor of the dishes; you will feel more vital and lose weight more easily.

4. Benefit from Ginger

The Ginger is another spice spicy, though less than the Cayenne, which helps you burn fatter and improves your digestive function. It is ideal to include in all kinds of desserts and you can also add it in small quantities in stews of meat and seafood. In addition, ginger is diuretic and facilitates the elimination of liquids. You can get used to drinking water-based lemonade with lemon, ginger and stevia, cold or hot, throughout the day.

5. Exercise

Doing physical exercise is undoubtedly essential to lose weight. It is important that a nutrition and sports specialist plan and control this activity. Not everyone needs the same activity. Therefore, ask for advice when starting an exercise routine.

6. Dare with Cold Water

Every time you swim or shower with cold water you force your body to spend more energy to recover the heat and balance the temperature. For this reason, we recommend that, little by little, you try to shower with cold water, always avoiding the area of ​​the head. You can start with warm or hot water and finish with cold water, lengthening more and more the latter. Afterwards, you will dry yourself by rubbing the body well to recover the temperature as soon as possible.

7. Eat more Protein

The protein requires a significant expenditure of the body to be digested, which consumes little more calories. However, we do not recommend hyperproteic diets that abuse meat and almost completely eliminate other essential foods. Look for animal protein and combine it in a balanced way with vegetable protein: legumes, nuts, algae, mushrooms, brewer’s yeast, seeds and sprouts, etc. Do not forget to consume fruits and, above all, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats so that the diet is balanced.

In conclusion, there are no miracle diets. There are responsible behaviors and will, not only to lose weight but also to maintain it. Make an exercise and diet plan with specialists to control your progress. 


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What are the Tips to Lose Weight Gradually and Lastingly?
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