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why Japanese Diet is Healthy Oriental Food for Weight Loss?

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The Japanese diet is based on rice, vegetables and fish. In addition to gastronomy, we can adopt your lifestyle habits: meditation walks and enjoy the simple things. Have you ever heard about the Japanese diet to lose weight? In fact, there are studies dedicated to the matter that tell us about the benefits of this type of diet. A diet based on fresh foods, dishes in small quantities, vegetable drinks, rice, fish … They are simple delights we can learn from and that can help us lose a few kilos. Do you want to know more about the Japanese diet?

The Secrets of the Japanese Diet

A Very Long-lived Population without Almost Obesity

That’s right, the statistics are there to show us how people live longer in Japan. And the key is not only in the diet, which is essential thanks to delights such as teriyaki or sushi. If not also in their habits of life. Despite being a very work-oriented population, they know how to have strategies to rest, to enjoy nature, to practice relaxation and to assume small and healthy habits of life in their day to day. It is also not usual to see obsessed people. In fact, only 3% of the female population has obesity rates. How do they do that? Is it for raw salmon? For its sesame seeds, those that they say provide energy? The reality is that the Japanese follow very simple guidelines that we will explain.

But How is the Diet of the Japanese?

The first key is very simple; the Japanese consume food always fresh and in small portions. What does this mean? What the dishes are characterized by quality and not quantity. That is, no industrial food or prepared foods to be heated in the microwave, any refined flours, fatty foods … Only fresh and natural foods.

Another aspect to consider is the way of eating.

“They eat slowly and with complacency”.

You taste every bite without rushing, enjoying to the fullest. You never get to the empalago; they take great pains in presentation and in the visual game of food. It is not only eaten with the stomach, also with the sight. It is important. And now an important fact: the Japanese do not consume dairy products. Nor are they very fond of bread or meat. They lean more for rice, vegetables, and fish. Very fresh fruit is also essential, and always in small portions. For the Japanese the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Start the day with a variety of dishes ranging from vegetables, rice, soups, eggs and the essential drink, green tea.

Basic Foods in the Japanese Diet to Lose Weight

The rice is basic. But that yes, if possible always integral. However, there are many other essential foods in the diet of the Japanese:

  • Noodles: there are specialties are ideal when including in our oriental diet, are the udon, somen, ramen … They have different measures and are made with different types of wheat very healthy and barely available carbohydrates. Many are suitable for coeliacs.
  • Fruits, especially apples, persimmon and tangerines. Delicious, right?
  • Fish like mackerel or salmon
  • Soy, millet, tofu. … Rich in calcium and proteins, alternatives to dairy products that are as beneficial as they are healthy, which are also rich in antioxidants, reduce bad cholesterol and prevent diabetes.
  • Green Tea. Always indispensable.
  • Vegetables: aubergines, bean sprouts, red beans, mushrooms, cabbages, ginger, pumpkins, potatoes, bamboo shoots, radishes and seaweed.

Examples of Oriental Diet to Lose Weight

Here we give you as an example the diet that you could follow throughout a day. Japanese food offers many possibilities, it is not complicated to make and it is really tasty. Remember that the essential thing is that all foods are fresh, that you play with the colors when it comes to assembling your dishes and that you eat slowly, enjoying each ingredient. The diet that we present would be ideal for you to follow at least ten days a month. It is a way to eat healthy and lose weight. Take note!


For breakfast you can take a tangerine, accompanied by a cup of green tea, which has many beneficial properties for health. You can also have a cup of miso broth. The ingredients can be found in specialized stores. It is a typical soup to drink in the mornings; it provides energy and few fats. It consists of bonito broth, tofu, seaweed, miso (flavored pasta made of soy) and a chive.


In this Japanese diet, to eat you can take a bowl of sushi (raw fish with rice), accompanied by soy sauce. Accompany it with a cup of mushroom noodles. For dessert, an apple and a cup of green tea.


Take an assortment of sashimi (a dish of different types of fish), accompanied by soy sauce and wasabi (beware of it, it is very spicy). You can also eat a bowl of brown rice and for dessert and orange and a cup of green tea. Remeber to also follow the habits of life of the Japanese: they meditate a lot, they usually walk on foot and by bicycle, appreciating the moment and enjoying the simple things.

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why Japanese Diet is Healthy Oriental Food for Weight Loss?
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