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What Type of Diet Helps to End Constipation?

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Did you know that popcorn could help you improve constipation? They are low in calories and have a lot of fiber. Of course, we must consume them as natural as possible, without adding extras. Constipation is a condition in which the body cannot digest food naturally, the intestine cannot perform the movements that are required for the waste to be removed as often as required to maintain a good digestion and not suffer this problem. This can become a very serious problem, abdominal pain that occurs when the body cannot make a good digestion of food, are often unbearable and when we have to go to work in these conditions is very depressing.

Fortunately, proper nutrition can be the most effective solution, a good diet can prevent excess gas, therefore the stomach is not going to feel inflated or swollen and colic will also end. Below we will show you what foods you can include in your diet to end constipation.

The Berries

In this group are blackberries, strawberries and raspberries, these fruits, besides being delicious, are rich in fiber and have very few calories, being rich in fiber are an essential food to end constipation. You can consume them at breakfast accompanied by your favorite cereal.

The Cereal

As we all know, cereals are rich in fiber; in the market there is a wide variety of these products, so you should only choose the one you like the most, and of course the one that has the best effect on your body. The most recommended are the traditional and simple, although this is not important because they all provide very good amounts of fiber. They should be consumed especially at breakfast accompanied by fruit and a skim milk drink, preferably yogurt. This way you can spend a nice day and enjoy a good intestinal transit.

The Fruits

The fruit may be the plums, apples and pears, which by its content of natural fiber are excellent for improving symptoms and especially all the discomforts that cause constipation.


This is a very good option to improve constipation, they also provide very few calories and, on the contrary, they obtain large amounts of fiber, but you must take into account that salt, butter and sugar or caramel should be reduced. They are added. For the purpose that we need them, it is best to eat them as natural as possible.

Whole Bread

Surely this is the favorite food of thousands of people around the world. But for all those people who suffer from constipation or who want to maintain a healthy weight, the best recommendation is to consume wholemeal bread, since it is prepared with high-fiber cereals, in the same way you can prefer wholemeal crackers and toast. At breakfast they will be very pleasant accompanied by a delicious papaya juice (for example).

Fruit Smoothies

The shakes in which different fruits or fruits are mixed with vegetables and also incorporate one or two tablespoons of oatmeal in flakes for each glass of smoothie that you drink.

“These shakes can also be very beneficial to try to reduce the symptoms of constipation”.

Of these you can have one with breakfast and another in the afternoon.


The most important recommendation that we can make is that you do not stop eating all the fruits and cereals that contain enough amounts of fiber, drink a lot of water, and leave aside the bakery products that are prepared with white flour. Also stop drinking coffee and decrease the consumption of chocolate, do not drink guava juice and the fruits that you eat must have the husk because it is where the greatest amount of nutrients and fiber is stored.

As we always say, remember that the best thing we can do to maintain good health is to prevent many diseases, this can be achieved through proper nutrition, in which we must include many fruits and vegetables that provide significant amounts of fiber and nutrients. Which manage to maintain the correct functioning of the organism and help us to maintain the defenses at an adequate level?


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