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What Do You Think About 5 Effective Diets for 2016?

In the pages of Alimentos Ricos, on numerous occasions, we have tackled the always current issue of effective diets. But at the beginning of 2016 we want to make a cut and share with you the most current and recognized about this interesting and exciting topic.

Really What are Effective Diets?

Many people believe that the word “diet” means to lose weight, but it must really be associated with the amount and variety of foods a person consumes or the nutrients that are ingested in a period of time regardless of the purpose of the same. But not all people have the same requirements, therefore for some people what they consume will be enough to cover what their body needs and for others it will be insufficient.

Therefore, the diets must be suitable for the different stages of development, growth, physical activity, physiological stage and can also be very useful for the prevention or treatment of different diseases. From the above we can conclude that effective diets will depend on the purpose for which you want to use. So, we could classify them in general in effective diets to:

  • Healthy eating
  • Lose weight
  • To prevent diseases such as: Diabetes, Hypertension and Cardiac Pathologies

The Effective Diets According to the Latest Analyzes…

In the United States of America, the results of a comparative evaluation of 38 diets considered the best known and popular in that country were published very recently. In order to carry out the evaluation, panels of experts were established with great recognition in the specialties of nutrition, obesity, psychology, diabetes and cardiac diseases. The results obtained by different investigations were analyzed; a complete revision of each particular diet was made. Subsequently, a ranking of the best evaluated was made, establishing a score from 1 to 5 and which would later determine their position among the effective diets according to their specific purposes. In addition to the previously mentioned criteria of its effects linked to its purpose, other ones related to the ease to carry them out were also taken into account, other diets based on the consumption of plants and other criteria. From the integration of the evaluation of each indicator an incombined analysis was made defining its location in the ranking. Product of all the above we arrived at results of great importance that I explain to you next.

The Most Effective Diets Based on the Analysis of all the Criteria…

Taking into account all the previous indicators, the 5 most effective diets were:

Diet to Reduce Blood Pressure or Dash

This diet ranked first. The purpose for which this diet was developed is to prevent and reduce high blood pressure. It is based on the consumption of beneficial foods for health such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, lean meats and low-fat dairy products. One of the effective diets for your cardiovascular health is the DASH diet. Within the effective diets the DASH is the most prominent among all, with it you can prevent and lower blood pressure. Reduce the consumption of red meats and foods high in fat and refined sugar such as pastry and along with it reduce the consumption of salt. In Rich Foods you can find more information about this effective diet.

Diet Based on Lifestyle Therapeutic Changes (TLC)

This diet was in second place shared. Its acronyms in English could be translated as Therapeutic Changes in the Lifestyle. It was designed by the health agencies of that country involved in the control of cholesterol. Its objective is to reduce the level of cholesterol and in particular it has been proven those 6 weeks after its application the bad cholesterol the LDL is reduced between 8 and 10%. It is based on the strict control of the consumption of saturated fats and stimulates the consumption of fibers, it is postulated that it reduces the risk of heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents.

Combined Diet Dash and Mediterranean (Mind)

Also in a shared second place is the Diet MIND takes its name from the combination of two recognized diets, the DASH and the Mediterranean.

“Its objective is to reduce the risk of presenting mental illnesses and basically Alzheimer’s disease”.

For this, 10 foods were selected that specifically influence the best health of the brain and eliminate 5 that are not healthy. This diet was formulated by the Medical Center of the University of Rush and the results have shown that its rigorous application can reduce in 53% the cases of Alzheimer’s and its moderate application leads to a decrease of 35%.

Mayo Clinic Diet to Lose Weight

The fourth shared position was granted to the Mayo Clinic Diet to lose weight. This diet is based on the real possibility of losing between 6 and 10 pounds per week and postulates that a progressive weight loss between one and two pounds per week is maintained. It is considered a balanced diet for its contribution of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients. The eating habits are recalculated. Inadequate eating habits are eliminated and replaced by other healthy habits with the inclusion of foods from the food pyramid of this prestigious institution.

Fertility Diet

The fourth position corresponds to the diet to stimulate ovulation and improve fertility. Studies developed since 1976 in women of childbearing age by Harvard University have shown that changes in diet can lead to better fertility. The fundamental changes are associated with the consumption of healthy fats, whole grains and vegetable proteins. Based on the previously cited studies, they developed a scheme based on 10 stages to improve fertility.

And as a Conclusion…

The effective diets will be dependent on the purposes you want to achieve, there are no miracle diets, nor unique, does each person require a personalized design and a more convenient diet evaluation according to their weight, age, health status and their best welfare. But if you have a New Year’s purpose to improve your health, I invite you to continue to inform yourself about Rich Foods of what each type of diet can offer you and what each one can help you with your good intentions for 2016.


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